Our First “Second” Wedding

Our First “Second” Wedding

My wife and I had the privilege of attending our first “second” wedding over the weekend. I know this sounds confusing, but this is what happens when you’re quickly approaching the age of 40. We were there for the groom’s first wedding, and we attended his second. The wedding was much smaller, with more family members than friends, and only two long tables – one for the grown-ups and one for all the children. Speeches were shorter, and the dress code was smart casual (thank goodness, as I think the last time I wore a suit was at my own wedding).

As one approaches the halfway mark of one’s own short lifespan, there are other “firsts” you might experience. Like going to bed without an injury and waking up with one. This can be due to two reasons: number one, your wife hitting you in the ribs because you’re lying on your back and snoring away, or the most plausible one, you’re almost 40 years old, and it needs to be accepted that injuries are part of sleeping.

Another first is that my older daughter is having doubts that I used to be a pirate, that the hair on my legs and arms is due to me being bitten by a werewolf, and that I can read anyone’s mind (especially hers when she wants to do something we don’t want her to do).

But, like I observed during our first “second” wedding, the focus on what is important at this stage of our life’s journey is becoming more clear. Making memories with friends and family, creating as many job opportunities as possible without cutting corners on the delivery of care, contributing to our community, and last but not least, trying to live long enough to possibly attend our first “third” wedding.


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