The struggle continues

The Struggle Continues

I read somewhere that the ability to run your own business in South Africa is a skill you may put on your CV. Most probably the reason why Saffas are in demand worldwide. We have the cunning ability to survive in a very challenging environment. This is not applicable to only small business owners but also to employees trying to gain that promotion, pensioners trying to make ends meet with the little they have, or the realization that they cannot retire yet. It is also applicable to the moms out there trying to get by with the stagnant household budget while keeping her composure. This is most definitely applicable to single parents.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine that stays in London and works for one of the big tax, advisory & consulting firms. They just retrenched 1,000 out of 20,000 people in their workforce and informed my friend that there will be no opportunities for growth or promotion for the next two years. My neighbor is a CEO for a technology company and while on the lookout to recruit a mid-level manager for his firm, he is shocked by the number of applicants. After some research, he could not believe how many people were laid off by other big tech companies in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

If it is not load-shedding (keep your fingers crossed that the current lack of load-shedding will last even after the elections…), it is repairs to be done caused by the black south easter of last weekend. If it is not the ever-increasing cost of food, it is the 12.5% increase in the electricity tariff at the end of June. If it is not Manie Libbok missing the conversion for the Stormers against La Rochelle in the Champions knockout match, it is the never-ending struggle with Telkom for the past 14 months to switch a business account (a whole blog on its own but will need some wine to calm me down for this one).

But pressure is a privilege. We need to see these adversities as opportunities. Diamonds are made under extreme pressure. If you have survived 2023, and you can reach the end of 2024 without being admitted to Groendakkies, nothing will stop you. Not even the queues at Home Affairs.


Inside Info

We extend a warm welcome to Tarryn Damons as she joins our group. She will be taking on the role of receptionist at our Somerset West office. Tarryn brings with her valuable experience from her time at Wijnlands Fertility Clinic in Stellenbosch.

Meanwhile, Marjeanne, a familiar and reliable presence, will remain with us in Somerset West. However, she has been promoted to the position of Head of Accounts and Reception at Winelands Dentistry.