Time will tell

Time will tell

What an interesting but confusing concept. A man-made invention claimed by many, but it has been with us for many, many eons. Time is as old, well… as old as time itself! 😊

How we view time differs from person to person. How we use our little time on Earth is important to some and not so important to others. Time will always win, something we as human beings still need to comprehend. But we can think about time more and maybe, just maybe, we can use time to our advantage. We are so busy being busy that we have lost the art of thinking, especially about abstract concepts like time. We do not allow ourselves to be alone with our own thoughts. We would rather be distracted by other human beings or by our digital devices. When standing in a queue, do you watch the other people doing their things and think about why they do what they do, or are you looking at your phone? When you have free time to relax, do you go outside and look at the trees or the sky, or do you take out your phone and scroll on social media? And the question now is, how is this beneficial to our precious little time while we are alive?

Like Einstein said, the eighth wonder of the world is compound interest. In other words, doing the correct thing over a long period of time will compound on itself, grow exponentially, and bring you riches, happiness, fulfillment, good health, or whatever you are seeking. And that does not only apply to our financial well-being but to all other fields that matter to us. Investing in your marriage by actively working on it will compound into a wonderfully shared life with your partner. Investing time to spend with your children will bring the joy of long-lasting love that other parents envy. By exchanging short-term gratitude for long-term fulfillment, we are using time more wisely.

I think we need more time to just think. In Dr. Anton Rupert’s biography, he mentioned back then, before the invention of mobile phones and tablets, that we humans do not take the necessary time to just think. We need to think about the correct usage of our time, aligned with our values. Our core values are the big rocks in a glass jar, our semi-core values are the smaller rocks between the larger ones in the same jar, and the rest is the sand filling the space left in the jar.

In medicine and dentistry, there is a movement to diagnose and treat slower but correctly. Look at this link https://slowdentistryglobalnetwork.org/the-cornerstones-of-slow-dentistry/ <https://t.e2ma.net/click/8d8tcf/4emygt1/shk9ph>. This is a good use of your time and the doctor’s as it will prevent the doctor from redoing things or misdiagnosing certain conditions. In our modern society, we have become accustomed to doing things fast and doing a lot. But in our field, this can cause a lot of trouble. That is why our practice is a strong advocate of doing dentistry differently. How? By keeping it simple, safe, and SLOW.

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