What I am about to tell you, as simple as it may seem

This will save you money
What I am about to tell you, as simple as it may seem, will save you money. The only responsibility you have is to follow my instructions and develop a habit.

Visit the dental hygienist every four months. That is it. Get your teeth cleaned and have fluoride put on three times a year. Sound ironic? paying money to save money, but let me explain.

Dentistry is expensive and it will get worse; especially quality dentistry you can trust. A good dentist invests a lot of time in continued education, and a lot of money into technology to make the patient more comfortable and the cost of business keeps on rising, due to the Russia/Ukranian war, global economic inflation, and poor economic policies by our government; not to mention the shortage of highly trained dentists in South Africa. Thus, it is fair to say that whatever dentistry is being done, it needs to last; and the only thing you need to do is to give your dental hygienist a visit every four months; not once a year, not just before your wedding or photoshoot and certainly not only when you notice your gums are bleeding (Because then it is too late).

So, what does a dental hygienist do? She cleans your teeth very, very well; especially around the margins of your fillings, crowns, and implants. It is at these margins where plaque creeps in and causes big problems. Yes, your dentist might pick this up during your check-up (or so I hope) and then schedule you accordingly to remove and replace it, which will cost you quite a bit. The point is that this could have been prevented by visiting the hygienist more often. The hygienist will also apply fluoride, a naturally occurring element that strengthens the enamel. This too prevents decay and sensitivity. Your hygiene session will then be finished off with some instructions to follow at home to make it easier for you to maintain your new shiny teeth.

Lastly (and this is our little secret), if your hygienist has been professionally trained by your dentist, she can notice things that look worrisome and either call the dentist for a second opinion or schedule a consultation with your dentist.

Every 4 months. You will thank me.